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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 15, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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egypt this weekend and are still being held tonight. we are learning the two were from boston, and one is a pastor and was on a trip with his church to retrace the steps on jesus through the holy hand, and the other american is identified as a 39-year-old woman also from boston. their guide was kidnapped as well. and here's more on the efforts to free them. >> the officials tell us they are working on the release of the kidnapped. the kidnapper says he will only release the two americans once his uncle has been freed. the officials say they are working to release him, but have
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imp impaw thighsed. and the kidnappers here have been speaking to local media saying the americans are in good shape and they are being fed and treated well despite the fact that one of the americans has a diabetic condition. back to you. as the race for the white house heats up, the obama and romney campaigns are accusing each other of lying. romney's campaign saying he is being unfairly accused of outsourcing jobs, and obama campaign says it has the paperwork to back it up. president obama's supporters are making no apologies for their latest attacks on mitt romney, his personal finance and says he was a jobs outsourcing pioneer when he ran bain
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capital. >> stop wining, i give him his own advice. >> he says the allegations are untrue, unfair. >> they want to talk about anything but president obama's bismol record when it comes to the economy, and it's working. >> independent voters don't care about tax reports from bain capital, but they care about getting people back to work. >> and the economy on election day will feel pretty much like it feels today. >> which means an economy with weak jobs growth and unemployment over 8%, but for now, it's a focus on the personalities, and on some very personal attacks. brian moore, nbc news, washington. the self trial on convicted
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murderer, hahn risers. they asked the jury to award the children $25 million for the pain and suffering. and he also worked to drive home what a great mother nina was before she was killed. and riser says he cannot work in prison because of medical reasons, and he is offer ring to sign over his business to the kpheurpb ppl you can see traffic was basically at a standstill. the chp said the truck spilled asphalt on the bridge forcing the closure of the three right lanes near the "s" curve. traffic was backed up for several hours over night. and now the real fbi crime lab is charged with mishandling
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evidence. a judge declared a man who spent 22 years behind bars is instant, and now they are reviewing hundreds and maybe thousands of cases. >> reporter: police in washington, d.c. were looking for a man that raped at gun point when they saw somebody that matched the sketch. he was arrested and convicted and spent 22 years in prison. >> they took me to hell, really, to be honest with you. >> reporter: at his trial an fbi lab technician said a hair was indistinguishable that was found on the victim, and then a judge formerly declared him instant, and a recent dna test showed the
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hair could not have been him. >> the jury was left with a misinterpretation of how strong the link was, the evidence linking the defendant to the crime scene. >> reporter: the fbi is going through thousands of other cases before the days of dna testing to see if witnesses or prosecutors emphasized it. the lawyer for kirk odom says hair analysis is junk science. >> it's entirely subjective, so the examiner subjectively evaluates the samples and
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decides whether or not to call it a match. >> now congress is considering national standards to help prevent what happened to kirk odom, found guilty by a hair. pete williams, nbc news, washington. let's check on the weather now. >> we are talking about big changes according to the computer models here across the next couple days. looks like a trough will dig into the western half of the country, and even today places that got into the 80s and 90s, they got very close to 90 degrees, and those places have already began to cool, about 5 to 7 degrees, and 75 in san jose, and that's a sure sign the trough is bringing in much cooler weather. we still have clear skies across much of the inland valleys, but it's the coastal locations that are starting to see the fog build in, and there are showers and thunderstorms building in all across the northern plains because of the trough, and that cold eriair colliding.
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and the south bay for tomorrow topping out in the 70s, and same for the east bay with very blustery conditions throughout the day. and we will talk more about the forecast and when things will warm up, because it's summer after all, right, diane? >> absolutely. coming up next, we will show you what happened to jason kidd after he tweeted out this photo with his wife and george lucas. remember this? it's considered the greatest car chase in film history. a bay area man reflects on witnessing it as the significant anniversary approaches.
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bay area native, an nba veteran, jason kidd was arrested last night for driving drunk after he crashed his car into a pole. kidd was driving home in a nightclub when he crashed his luxury suv into the telephone pole. these are pictures from earlier in the evening with his wife and george lucas there. they were attending a benefit for lucas. kidd reportedly went out to the nightclub after the benefit and was the only person in the car at the time of the crash. kidd just signed a three-year
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deal with the new york knicks this past thursday. so now to the question just about everybody has been asked. are you paying with cash or credit? as a result of a major settlement involving some of the nation's biggest credit card companies, the answer to that question could have a whole new price tag. we have a look at why californians might just get a break. >> reporter: we're used to it at the pump, one price for cash and a higher one for plastic. but the credit card surcharge could be coming to stores and even doctor's offices. for years, merchants have not been allowed to pass the surcharges on to consumers. an agreement now gives businesses the right to charge
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more for plastic to offset the swipe fee. now the big question is, will they? experts say it's risky. >> the second they start putting on the fees for the product and charging the customers more, that's what is going to anger the kes customers, and that's the last thing they want to do coming off of the recession. >> you think it doesn't matter, but it adds up when you end up paying your bill. >> if people started charging to use credit cards, atm would become my best friend. >> the surcharges won't affect everybody, and ten states including california, new york and texas have laws prohibiting merchants from passing them along, and the big chain stores may not pass along the surcharge, but for small business owners who don't have the same bargaining power, swipe
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fees add up. >> i feel really apprehensive about approaching them for picking that up. the bottom line is to keep people coming in and keep them happy and to be able to keep doing what i am doing because i love it. >> business owners looking at a different bottom line. still to come at 5:00, we will take you behind the scenes of one of the most memorable car chases in movie history, and how one gained total access the making of that movie.
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driving around san francisco, it's hard not to think about the famous car chase that came alive in the streets of san francisco and one of the most wrerecognizable film. we spoke to a man with a unique view of the famous production. >> steve mcqueen racing through the streets of san francisco, and it's one of the few occasions you will see somebody make a left turn this hill, and come out on a different hill. and his father was a san francisco police officer that served as the city's liaison to
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the production. >> his job was to look for locations in the city, and provide safety for the motion picture company as well. >> he stuck up a friendship with mcqueen. >> he had a lot of sleepless nights when they were shooting those two weeks. >> the younger one spent time on location himself. >> i got under the rope access to a lot of locations and got to meet steve mcqueen, which was a big thrill. >> but the biggest thrill was the last day, and his dad was off work and took the entire family to watch the production. >> we were able to shoot the final scenes. >> he shot home movies that day, and he was there when the san francisco mayor showed up in the companof mcqueen, and he filmed the cars racing up the guadalupe parkway, and filmed
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the climax of the chase. >> they hit the gas pumps and the car had blown up. >> he went on to work as an extra on the "streets of san francisco," which was famous for his own chase scenes, and now he has written a book on his time there. >> you cannot turn a corner in the city without being reminded of something from "bullet." >> bring you back. state fire officials say the wildfire burning near coal fax and placer county as almost doubled in size from yesterday. it destroyed one home and is threatening 170 others. 2500 firefighters are battling the fire from the air and ground, and many of them are from the bay area. state fire officials say crews are working in extremely treacherous terrain there, and it has burned 3.5 square miles.
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it is 20% contained and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. right now we want to check in with anthony about the weather up >> the wind is the top story, along with the hot weather we have had. we are talking excessive heat, and places across the central valley, sacramento over towards reno and into nevada, they have been looking at 90s and triple digit heat over the last couple days, and that's not good news, but there's a trough coming in and bringing winds of change. and in oakland, strong winds were reported near 24, and even in san francisco, winds up to 14 or 15 miles per hour, and it's an on-shore wind moving in the cool air. san francisco, yes, 65 degrees. it has been a cool day along the coast. and the blue arrow coming in off
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the water and into the south bay with that cool wind, and that's what we are going to see where things change over the next couple days or so. and it's headed east, and it's going to drop down south right on top of us over the next day or so so it's tonight and tomorrow, it gets breezy, and then temperatures get cool. places that were in the mid-80s today, you will be in the mid-70s tomorrow. so add that wind, and it's going to feel raw at the coastline with 50s for the daytime highs. tomorrow morning, to start off the day, expect a little fog on the coast, and not as much inland because of the winds, and 53 in napa, and 52 in san francisco to start the day, and 56 in san jose. tomorrow afternoon we will see sunshine, but we will see more clouds at the coast because of the trough digging in, and it will be breezy, and topping out at 63 tomorrow in san francisco. and lower 70s, you will have to
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especially get far east over livermore to get more numbers. and san jose, 78 tomorrow afternoon. and santa cruz, only 67. big changes tomorrow, and even for tuesday, we barely get to 79, but you will notice on wednesday, here comes that type of weather we all like, especially diane and myself, and we are back to 80 degrees on wednesday, and look at this, we bump it up for next weekend. i don't know about you, diane, but i am feeling faint and i may have to take next weekend off, i don't know. >> you need to stay home, yeah -- >> maybe the beach. >> yeah, and thank you, anthony. let's look at sports right now. little giants and a's action going on. what is up? >> a lot of baseball on this sunday. the a's continuing their assault on minnesota pitching, and plus the giants looking to sweep the astros right out of town with mr. perfect leading the charge. highlights ahead. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters,
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can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ how would you like to be the astros? you lose two straight in san francisco, and then you get to see the guy that threw a perfect game against you last time out, and that would be matt cain looking to maintain astro o ownage, and he is delivering opposite field, and make it 1-0 giants. the giants get two in that first inning. and top four, it's a 2-1 game. and here comes the astros. chris johnson, and we are tied at 2 a piece.
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but matt cain would settle down, and posey would continue to deliver. and that knock there brings home sandoval. and it was the right decision, and the panda is in and it's 3-2, and back to cain in the sixth, and moore gets less, and martinez. one of the runs there for cain was earned. and then a strikeout and a groundout, and giants win it 3-2, and they finish off the sweep of houston. how about those a's looking to sweep the twins in minnesota, and they continue to play long ball with reckless abandon. gomes, the pride of petaluma.
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and it's 5-1 a's, and the next batter, yeah, carter did it again. fifth home run in nine games since his recall. it's 6-1, and parker was good enough for the victory. and the a's win 9-4, and three games over .500. and williams and the niece of former ucla star, and williams fights her way to a tie break. and the championship point, and williams wins her second consecutive bank of the classic. the giants a game and a half up in the national league west, and the a's just a half game out of the american league wildcard, and it's shaping up to be an exciting summer around these parts. and thanks to the padres who
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took that down too in the hilarious ending, and that was fun, too. >> yeah, again today. when we come back, a chance to hear paul mccartney and bruce springsteen together, and then the concert venue pulling the plug during the concert.
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two music legends could not end their concert in london quite the way they planned. take a listen. you can hear the crowd but you can't hear bruce springsteen. springsteen and paul mccartney were performing together when the concert organizers pulled the plug on the microphones. they finished singing beatles hits, and they went over the sound curfews by half an hour and decided to keep going.
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springsteen and mccartney left in silence from the stage. >> can you imagine that with the news, going on and on, and then, bam, you are done. >> good night. on this sunday night, no apologies. am steps up the attacks on mitt romney's business record and tells him to stop whining. the romney campaign says the president will do anything to keep his job. what are voters supposed to make of all of this? here we go again after a brief break from that 100 degree heat, get ready for round two. warning signs, what does the way we walk have to do with alzheimer's? the new research tonight. who's the boss? outrage as the quiet police pull the plug on a pair of rock legends. springsteen and mccartney and the sound of silence t


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